About PPEC

Pittsburgh Process Equipment Company, Inc. (PPEC, Inc.) was established in 1965 by Ken Rudolph, Sr.

Ken launched the business at home with his wife, with a goal of becoming an integral part of the region's industrial marketplace. By providing an experienced, reliable, and innovative applications outlet for industrial pumping equipment, his vision has developed into the company becoming the premier pump distributor of Western Pennsylvania.

Through the variations in the region's industrial structure, we, the family, strive and succeed in maintaining and growing Ken's vision. We source and maintain the industry's top products, and employ the finest sales, service, and administrative team. We share the end goals of offering the best robust solutions for increasingly sophisticated fluid and related industry applications. We take great concern in environmental, employee, and consumer safety.

PPEC, Inc. features the world's most reliable and innovative pumps and currently targets several critical industries:

We actively service over 3,000 customers through our:

We very much welcome you to explore our capabilities through this website and contact us with questions or needs. We guarantee satisfaction in our communication, projects of all sizes, and integrity.